It's all about people and the world we live in.

Better brand strategy and commercial growth comes from getting closer to people’s lives – the culture that influences them and that they in turn create, their behaviour, what they think and, most importantly, what they feel…

Cognition: an insights based strategy consultancy

We work with our clients to uncover the insights that support business growth. We explore how people behave, what matters to them and work with clients to determine what to do about it. We are outcome based and have an iterative approach that is always focused on the brief. A boutique, client-centric agency that delivers truly human solutions

What we do

Brand development, NPD, Advertising, as well as Shopper & CX, amongst consumer & B2B audiences, in Australia and beyond

Our Tools

A full range of consultancy and research tools to understand customers’ whole-of-life experience and plan the way forward.

Our Thinking

Our thinking and approach draws on advances in behavioural and marketing science.

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